3 Simple Ways to Brand Your Business (And Grow Your Revenue)

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By Jacob Maslow

Consumers don’t simply buy products for their features. They often have favorite brands they depend on. Brand equity is an important marketing principle. According to an Altfeld study, existing customers have a 60-70% chance of making a repeat purchase. Therefore, inspiring brand loyalty is an important priority in any marketing strategy. 


  • Create Personas

One essential step to refining your brand image is to find out who your customers are. Since getting more customers is the goal of any business, branding is heavily dependent on the kind of people who are buying your product. 


A persona is a representation of a type of customer. Do some research on social media, among your email subscribers and customer reviews to determine the demographics, lifestyle, and tastes of your customers. You may see several categories developing among your customer base. Each of these categories is characterized by a persona. 


Once your customers have been divided into different personas, match your brand marketing strategy to appeal to these personas. This means crafting social media posts, emails, and other content designed to appeal to them. You may notice a greater response to your brand once customers feel you are speaking directly to them. 


  • Revamp Your Content

To create a brand presence, you need to reach potential customers on all channels with a variety of content that is fresh and inviting but has a consistent theme, design, and message. This means having a presence on all major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Consider having a YouTube channel with videos highlighting your brand. Send regular emails to keep tabs on your subscribers and publicize promotions targeted specifically for them. 


People will respond to your brand if your content speaks to them directly. Offering valuable premium content to subscribers only or to people who have purchased an item is an incentive for repeat purchases. Provide an informative ebook or special videos for these customers to encourage visitors to become subscribers. 


  • Interact with Customers

Customers reward the attention paid to them with purchases and referrals. There are several ways to make your customers feel that they are heard. Providing opportunities to interact with your company gives you valuable information through direct feedback and inspires confidence in your brand. 


Live chat on your website creates an instant connection with visitors and answers to their questions. When visitors receive the information they seek promptly, they are more likely to become customers. An alternative to Live chat is a chatbot that will converse with visitors realistically and automatically. 


Pay attention to reviews and respond with an open mind to negative comments. This can take the edge off of criticism and shows that customer service is a priority. 

The Brand Club

According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of your business comes from just 20% of your customers. Presumably, many of these customers know they could buy similar products from other companies, but they prefer your brand. Investing your marketing efforts in building your brand and connecting with these members of your Brand Club is a winning strategy given the power of repeat business. 

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