3 Reasons Why Construction Companies Should Rent Cranes

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By Richard

Working in construction requires you to be a careful planner, which includes the type of equipment that you invest in and use on the job site. One essential piece of machinery that most construction companies need is cranes. But should you be purchasing cranes outright or should you be turning to businesses that rent out cranes to construction companies like yours? If you need cranes for your projects but you’re unsure which route to take, here are three of the many reasons why construction companies should rent cranes instead of buying their own cranes.

1. You Can Avoid Making a Large Initial Investment

Many construction companies that are just getting started may not have the money to make substantial purchases. Cranes are an expensive piece of equipment that you would only be able to afford once your company has its footing and more money coming in. By using a crane rental company, you’re able to get access to the equipment you need without having to sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into just one piece of equipment to have it on hand.

2. You Won’t Have to Deal With the Upkeep

There’s more to think about financially when it comes to cranes than the cost of the initial investment. Much like other equipment that you rely on in order to see projects through, cranes need a place where they can be safely stored, they need regular maintenance in order to ensure they’re functioning optimally, and the repairs that need to be done can be highly technical and costly on their own. Making the decision to rent cranes when you need them allows you to avoid all of these upkeep requirements so that you can just focus on ordering one and getting the job done.

3. You Always Have Access to the Equipment You Need

Some construction company managers might believe that they need to have their own cranes because they’re worried that they won’t be able to rent them and get them out to their project location in time. The reality? Getting a crane to your project site is a massive undertaking, and crane rental services can easily manage this for you so that you have your crane on site and ready to go when you need it. Put simply, choosing to work with a crane rental company still gives you the consistent, reliable access that you want without the hassle that would come with full ownership.

Making major investments in some construction equipment might make sense for your company, but there are other pieces of equipment that never make sense to fully own for a wide range of reasons. Owning cranes is something most construction companies will avoid because it’s a costly purchase, it costs even more over its lifetime to properly maintain and store, and it offers little benefit as crane rentals achieve the same thing. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a crane, use the three reasons outlined above to ensure you stick to renting instead.

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