3 Innovative Ways eCommerce Sites Convert Previously Lost Customers

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By Jacob Maslow

Business marketing isn’t just a question of attracting customers but ensuring present customers make repeat purchases. Focusing a substantial amount of your marketing budget on encouraging customer loyalty is a sound investment for eCommerce, especially since two-thirds or repeat purchases are made online.

When a customer has lost interest, is not reading emails, has abandoned shopping carts, and has not purchased anything in a long time, it is worthwhile to put some effort into attracting them back into the fold. The following are crucial strategies used by successful eCommerce companies for bringing back customers.

Email Strategy

Customer emails are a valuable commodity. It may have taken a substantial effort to obtain customer emails, so it is not a good idea to allow these email subscribers to fade into the night. Luckily, it is not difficult to create engagement through a revamped email strategy because of the opportunities for personalization, from using a specific name in the subject line, having different channels for different personas of subscribers, and varying dynamic content.

Automate shopping cart abandonment emails that will remind your potential customer that they wanted to buy something but haven’t yet. According to Salescycle, 40% of abandoned cart emails are opened and have a click-through rate of 28.6%. The tone of these emails should be friendly and engaging and never pushy or overly promotional.

Sending branded emails may already be part of your email marketing strategy, but make these more personalized by dividing types of customers into personas and sending these personas special emails designed for them. Tools allow you to use specific names in the subject line.

Adjust Shipping Costs

If you are seeing a lot of abandoned shopping carts, take a look at the shipping costs. Popular eCommerce platform Spotify found that 56% of abandoned shopping carts were left because of shipping costs. Also, check the regions where your products are shipped. Are there some inconvenient restrictions? To solve this problem, offer free shipping for a limited time or rethink your shipping costs long-term.

Offer Promotions

Every company needs a promotion now and again to retain customer interest. Unfortunately, customers can end up buying a competitor’s products when they are lured by special sales, and a promotion is a great way to win them back. When analyzing customer data, try to figure out why your customers left and offer a promotion that solves this problem. Offer free shipping for a period of time. If your rival has offered a free service, consider providing a similar service at no cost.

Winning Back Customers

Once you have gained customers, don’t let them go without a fight. Without seeming aggressive or overly promotional, you can woo them back by refining your email marketing strategy, considering shipping costs, and providing attractive promotions to regain their interest. Return customers are definitely worth the effort and generate significant sales.

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