More than 10 million stolen passwords leaked online

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By J Maslow

10 million stolen passwords leaked online

10 million passwords hacked
10 million passwords hacked

Earlier this week, Internet security researcher Mark Burnett posted the details 10 million stolen passwords and users in an article on his security blog.

However, rather than being for malicious reasons, the leaking of the passwords is all in the name of research and was posted in protest at US cybersecurity laws.

Giving his reasons for leaking the passwords, Burnett wrote: “Frequently I get requests from students and security researchers to get a copy of my password research data. I typically decline to share the passwords but for quite some time I have wanted to provide a clean set of data to share with the world. A carefully-selected set of data provides great insight into user behavior and is valuable for furthering password security. So I built a data set of ten million usernames and passwords that I am releasing to the public domain”.

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