10 Gifts For Budding Musicians That Seriously Rock

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By Jacob Maslow

Looking for a gift for a budding musician? Below are ten examples of great gifts that you may want to consider.


Mics are great for aspiring vocalists – they can be used for recording and performing music. A good quality microphone can be pretty expensive, although a few budget-friendly microphone options can still produce a great sound. 

Guitar strap

Buying a gift for someone who plays guitar? You can never have too many guitar straps! Most guitar straps can be purchased for less than $15 and come in all styles. You could even look into custom straps. 

Instrument stand

Instrument stands are another relatively cheap gift that can be used for holding and displaying musical instruments. There are primary and practical options, such as folding metal stands, and fun and quirky options, such as wall-mounted hangers that look like hands. 

Drum beat machine

Why opt for a metronome when you can buy someone a drum beat machine? These can allow you to play along to all kinds of programmed beats. You can even make your beats for recording. Drum beat machines can vary in price depending on the level of complexity.

Vinyl display case

Vinyl display cases allow you to display a record of your choice on the wall. This could be their favorite record, or even a record they’ve recorded if they’re a more serious musician. Vinyl display cases can be bought for less than $20, making them a good budget gift. 

Spotify code gifts

Spotify code gifts are items with scannable codes that automatically play a particular song when scanned. They include posters, plaques, keyrings, and coasters. These can be a fun way of paying tribute to a loved one’s favorite song or even a song that someone has recorded themselves. 

Sheet music books

For those that can read music, you could consider sheet music books. Tabs are another option for those that play string instruments. You can buy these online for less than $10. Look for sheet music books of songs you know your loved one will be eager to learn. 

Production software subscription

Nowadays, aspiring musicians can produce their music at home. All they need is the right software. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t already use production software, you could consider paying for a production software subscription for them. FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, and Logic are famous examples. Different production software is recommended for aspiring DJs. 

Studio quality headphones

If you want to spend more on a gift, consider buying studio-quality headphones. These are ideal for playing electric instruments quietly and are useful when recording music. This guide lists a few good quality studio headphones that are not too expensive. 

Music store vouchers

Music store vouchers are a great gift allowing your recipient to buy the musical equipment they need. It’s an ideal gift if you’re unsure what equipment they already have. 


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