10 Best Investing YouTube Channels Every Amateur Investor Should Follow

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By Jacob Maslow

2022 is proving to be a year for solid nerves as far as investing is concerned. If you are an amateur investor and want to learn from the best, YouTube offers plenty of resources with valuable educational content for all types of investing. These are the ten best investing channels you can follow on YouTube to help you create additional streams of income.

1.      Investors Underground

Investors Underground is the ideal YouTube channel if you want to learn to trade alone, but it is not just for beginners. You can watch interviews with traders like Brett Steenbarger (known for his books about trading psychology) and Jon Najarian and follow the various courses to help you understand more about investing in the stock market. In addition, the channel keeps you updated with daily news on significant events.

2.      Ryan Scribner

Ryan Scribner is still young, but the entrepreneur has found success with a diversified portfolio that gives him multiple income streams. His almost 750,000 subscribers enjoy a good mix of topic videos, including how-tos, reviews, advice, and updates on his investment journey. He might not be a financial professional, but his investment tips are worth checking out.

3.      Andrei Jikh

You can watch Andrei Jikh on YouTube without a subscription. The online entrepreneur focuses on several types of investing (particularly cryptocurrencies but also stocks and investing apps) and believes in financial minimalism. Usually, Andrei makes weekly updates and talks about his various experiences openly while giving advice.

4.      Value Investing with Sven Carlin, PH.D.

Value Investing is another YouTube channel for amateur investors. Sven Carlin, the author of Modern Value Investing, shares his insights and helps you understand the importance of calculated risk rather than speculation, leading to the right investing mindset. His videos include stock analysis, investment concepts, and market overviews. His approach makes it easy to understand and practice the idea of investing.

5.      Bigger Pockets

Real estate is another exciting investment area that intrigues many newcomers. BiggerPockets is best known for its real estate investing advice and has a significant YouTube presence with close to a million subscribers.

Their weekly videos provide tips about getting started in real estate and plenty of advice on the state of the market. In addition, watch their podcast for interesting interviews with industry professionals and business people.

6.      BeatTheBush

BeatTheBush started as a DIY video channel in 2014, with only some videos relating to finance. After a while, the finance videos became very popular, and today, the channel has more than 350,000 subscribers. Seasoned investors and newcomers can learn something from the information provided by BeatTheBush. In addition, the YouTube channel videos cover various topics, making them refreshing to follow. Whether you seek general advice, news coverage, or personal experience, the host ensures you gain something from every subject. Therefore, expect to learn about the scams, retirement, health insurance, and even if you do actually save money by going to a cheaper gas station.

7.      Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing

If you have heard of Warren Buffet’s investing style of never losing money and want to try it, this is the YouTube channel to follow. Phil Town is an experienced hedge fund manager, investment adviser, and author of Rule#1, the New York Bestseller.

Phil’s videos are primarily under 15 minutes, meaning you can invest a short time learning about essential investment topics. For example, learn about protecting yourself against inflation, stock investment advice, how to build a passive income stream, and cryptocurrency predictions.

However, if you also want to listen to lessons while on the go, you might also enjoy his InvestED podcast, which Phil presents with his daughter Danielle Town.

8.      The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet resembles the lifestyle blog concept but offers valuable investment advice and tips, making the YouTube channel fun to watch. Here, you will find tips on managing your finances, tracking your budget, and improving your daily spending habits.

Chelsea Fagan started the Financial Diet to track her budget in 2014. Since then, she has expanded it to include a blog and podcast. Besides investment advice, you will learn about the importance of an emergency fund, budgeting, how to cut costs at the grocery store, etc.

The Financial Diet’s style is a welcome change thanks to its women presenters in a predominantly male-dominated field. Subscribers can also buy into a membership program with several benefits.

9.      Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is the YouTube investment research platform founded by Ross Cameron. Here you can learn how to invest in day trading by watching the live day trading shows hosted by the founder and Mike Herman. They discuss their lists and make trades during their shows. In addition, they discuss other topics on the channel, and you can also see monthly recaps and learn strategies.

Becoming a member allows you access live trading chat rooms, mentor sessions, cryptocurrency courses, options trading, and learning about day trading. Moreover, you can access trading tools like a day trading simulator and stock market scanners.

10. CNBC – Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money”

Since 2005, Mad Money has offered investment education with Jim Cramer, a former hedge fund manager and the co-founder and chair of TheStreet.com. The show is not about telling you what to do and when to do it as far as investments go; it is about giving you the tools to make investment decisions. So expect to learn the latest financial news and how Jim feels it could affect the markets. There is also a phone line where Jim gives answers to questions from viewers. Mad Money is more than just an educational tool; you can learn a lot about Jim’s opinions on everything financial. There are two ways to watch Mad Money: watch the clips uploaded by CNBC, or stream the show live.


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