Why Is Moving to Canada Becoming So Popular?

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By Jacob Maslow

In 2019, over 300,000 people left their home countries to move to the Great White North. With one of the highest immigration rates of any country in the world, it isn’t hard to assume Canada is one of the top places to live, but why?

Here’s a list of reasons why everyone is moving to Canada – and why you should too!

Great Immigration Programs

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons Canada has so many immigrants is that the country makes initiatives to make moving there easy. By 2021, Canada wants to invite 1.3 million immigrants. With over 70 immigration options, including visas and sponsorships throughout the different provinces and territories, moving to a different country has never been easier!

Easy Path to Citizenship

Within three years, you could be a Canadian citizen. You can apply as young as 18 and will be given three attempts at a citizenship test. The country wants newcomers, so of course, there are practice tests to help you pass with ease.

Amazing Job Opportunities

Canada has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, but this doesn’t mean there are no jobs. With the increasing elderly population reaching retirement age, there are many available jobs to be had. 

In some programs, you don’t need to have a job lined up to immigrate on a work visa. This allows you to immigrate more smoothly and join the growing job market. This will also put you in the running to land a higher salary in some of Canada’s most demanding fields.

Free Public Healthcare

Healthcare is free to all residents and citizens, with the average Canadian being entitled to at least $6,500 a year in medical care to keep themselves healthy. Once you have a health insurance card, you can easily apply for medical aid and access all of your benefits. Another plus is that all provinces and territories provide free emergency services even if you don’t have a health card.


Ninety-five different universities stand proud all over the country, with some of the world’s top programs being taught here. Graduating from a Canadian university also gives you more options, such as applying for a post-graduation work permit. This, in turn, could help you when applying for permanent residency programs.

For children ages 5-19, there’s a free public schooling system. When you immigrate, you’ll be assisted in enrolling your child in school. These services may even extend to helping you start a new bank account, getting a tax number to find accommodations, and finding insurance for those accommodations so you can get it all done with ease.

Freedom to Come as You Are

The government works very hard to uphold fair laws and systems aimed at protecting its population. The Corruption Perceptions Index in 2018 even named the country as one of the least corrupt places in the world. You can freely express your ideas and opinions without fear of persecution, such as religious or political thoughts. 

Multicultural & Welcoming

Canada prides itself on being a country of immigrants. In fact, 23% of the population are not native Canadians. Over half of the city of Toronto’s population are immigrants as well. 

With so many visas and sponsorship programs, the country wants to make it easy for people to immigrate there. The population is very diverse because of this, encouraging a welcoming environment for residents, new and old. 


Canada has created a warm and welcoming environment for immigrants moving there. It’s more straightforward to apply for residency or citizenship with many opportunities for its people. Free healthcare, free education, top schools, growing economic opportunities, and freedom to be yourself are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this wonderful country.

Immigration rates growing every year show that these programs are working. This is why so many people are deciding to move there. Now it’s your turn.

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