Text messages: Reasons why businesses have to give them a try

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By Jacob Maslow

Imagine you’re a business looking to chat with your customers, and you’ve got many tools at your disposal. Now, one of those tools is text messaging – the same kind you use to chat with friends. It turns out it’s a goldmine for businesses, too. Here’s why:

Instant Chats

Think about how quick text messages are. You send one, and boom, it gets read almost right away. There’s this stat from Text-Em-All saying 98% of texts are opened. That’s nearly every single one! So, if you’re a business, your message isn’t just shot into the void; it’s seen and read quickly.

Choosing to Chat

Texting for business is cool because people have to say, “Yeah, I want to hear from you.” This means you’re only talking to folks who are genuinely interested. Business News Daily tells us that this makes customers feel special and listened to, which is a big thumbs up for building trust.

Easy on the Wallet

Sending texts is cheap, especially if you buy a bunch at once. And it’s not rocket science to send them out. You write something short and sweet, hit send, and off it goes to your customers. CommBox.io says this simplicity lets you talk to your audience without a complicated plan.

Everyone’s Invited

Mobile phones are everywhere, right? In today’s connected world, mobile phones are a universal passport to reach anyone, anywhere. The omnipresence of these devices means that text messaging offers an unparalleled opportunity to communicate globally, breaking down geographical barriers. This universal accessibility ensures businesses can disseminate their messages across continents in seconds, making every recipient feel included and valued.

Moreover, exploring various messaging platforms can expand your reach and enhance engagement. For instance, Viber messages for business can provide a unique opportunity to connect with customers through a platform they’re familiar with and use daily. 

This approach broadens the scope of your communication strategies and taps into the potential of specialized messaging services to cater to diverse customer preferences.

SMS enables direct and immediate communication with a wide and diverse audience, whether it’s a promotional offer, an important update, or a personalized message. This inclusivity broadens the reach of business communications and fosters a sense of connection and immediacy with customers, stakeholders, and employees alike. 

By leveraging the widespread adoption of mobile phones, companies can ensure their messages are received by a global audience, bringing their brand into the pockets and palms of people worldwide, making every message count without leaving anyone behind.

Plays Well With Others

Text messaging isn’t just a standalone tool; it’s a team player in the marketing toolkit, seamlessly integrating with other strategies to enhance overall effectiveness. Consider the scenario highlighted by Business News Daily, where a potential customer abandons their online shopping cart. A well-timed text message can be a gentle nudge, reminding them of their incomplete purchase. 

This strategy taps into the immediacy and personal touch of SMS, providing a direct line to the customer that other channels can’t match. It’s a practical example of how text messaging can bridge the gap between interest and action, effectively converting hesitant shoppers into confirmed buyers. 

This synergy between text messages and other digital marketing efforts underscores the versatile and adaptive nature of SMS as a complementary force in a comprehensive marketing strategy, proving its value in driving conversions and enhancing customer engagement.

Making Friends

Personalizing text messages is akin to giving customers a VIP pass to your brand’s offerings. This strategy is more than just a communication tactic; it’s a way to deepen the bond between your brand and its customers. You transform a generic marketing message into an exclusive invitation by sending deals and messages that cater to their specific interests and needs directly to their mobile phones. 

This personalized approach not only makes customers feel valued and special but also fosters a sense of loyalty and belonging. When customers perceive that a brand goes the extra mile to recognize them as individuals, they’re more inclined to reciprocate with loyalty, choosing to stick with the brand over competitors. 

This loyalty translates into repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and a stronger, more engaged customer base. In essence, personalized texts are a powerful tool for turning casual customers into devoted fans, ensuring they remain engaged and continue to support your brand over time.

Reliable Delivery

Unlike emails that can be forgotten in a spam folder, texts usually go straight to the point. Plus, you can check if your messages are actually working, seeing who reads them and who responds. CommBox.io highlights how this helps you tweak your strategy for even better results next time.


Bringing text messaging into your business communications is a game-changer. It’s quick, personal, and conveys your message without breaking the bank. By tapping into the power of SMS, you can effectively chat with your customers, building lasting relationships. Think of it as having a super direct line to your audience that’s friendly and professional.

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