How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Theft Using VPN in 2023

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By Jacob Maslow

Crypto theft has become more widespread. Unauthorized users may obtain your login details and conduct transfers from your crypto wallet. Besides, malicious software has emerged, using your computer to mine cryptocurrencies without your consent or knowledge. This alarming event can even occur when your device is inactive. Luckily, there are measures to safeguard yourself from this trespassing occurrence. In this blog, we will provide comprehensive information on protecting crypto from hacks and enjoying maximum confidentiality online.

The Danger of Crypto-Jacking

Every user should be aware of fraudulent crypto trading exchanges that deceive people by falsely inflating their trading volume and statistics to attract inexperienced traders. For a market as unpredictable as cryptocurrencies, it is wise to choose reliable platforms. You can also fall prey to hacking, which is why many people wonder how to avoid cryptocurrency theft. Besides, state-supported groups or rogue attackers can install mining software that can drain your crypto and move it directly to their accounts. This intrusion is also referred to as cryptojacking, and it may leave your account completely depleted. Social media has recently become the favored arena for cybercriminals looking to scam crypto and money from users.

According to statistics, such attacks increased by 30% in 2022. They entail more than just a potential data breach. Unfortunately, they bring additional repercussions, such as heightened energy consumption and diminished device functionality. A device owner may notice a surge in their electricity bills due to the increased power usage required for crypto-mining. Moreover, the CPU and memory resources utilized during mining can significantly impair the device’s performance, ultimately causing it to operate slower or become unresponsive.

Even though attempts are being made to reinforce security, this number of crimes continues to grow. On the other hand, there is a growing interest in cryptocurrencies, not only for buying or selling but also for investments. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use a VPN crypto to work with cryptocurrencies and thus be able to operate safely. Such services as VeePN allow you to browse the web securely without risking your money.

Benefits of Using Virtual Private Networks

Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrencies do not offer complete anonymity to their users. Hackers and foreign governments can easily track individuals through their public IP addresses. Below, we have outlined the main advantages of using VPN software.


Using a private Wi-Fi connection for crypto exchanges without adequate security makes you vulnerable to location tracking and login credential theft. To mitigate these risks, using a VPN for all cryptocurrency-related activities is highly recommended. By encrypting our data and safeguarding our online identity, a VPN creates a secure tunnel for our transactions and shields us from potential threats.  A VPN for iOS or Android also ensures secure traffic by concealing our public IP address and relocating traffic to a distant location, rendering it nearly impossible for unauthorized surveillance of our online activities.

Anti-Phishing Measures

Phishing, the fraudulent messaging from a trusted source, remains a prevalent tactic hackers use to steal crypto assets. As 81% of companies noticed the increase in phishing attacks, it became obvious that the threat grew progressively greater. Fortunately, a VPN can offer partial protection against these attacks by blocking harmful web pages and providing additional security for your trade. Don’t wait until it’s too late – take steps to safeguard your assets now.

Anonymous Browsing

Your internet service provider may know the trading platform you use to buy or sell Bitcoin, along with your login times. However, using a VPN can shield this information from your ISP. When you connect to a VPN, your ISP only sees the IP address of the VPN servers you use instead of the crypto website. Furthermore, the VPN encrypts all online data, ensuring your ISP cannot tamper with your connection.

Your VPN must have a kill switch feature to prevent the exposure of sensitive data in the event of a momentary VPN connection failure. Without it, your crypto business information could be easily traced and identified. The kill switch immediately disconnects you from the internet to safeguard against potential risks.

A VPN safeguards your online data against hackers, foreign governments, and other third parties. Nevertheless, your VPN provider may retain your online activity records. You may click here to learn more about a reliable tool for protecting your data. A good VPN for iOS and other platforms should have a zero logs policy to ensure they do not store your data. However, be sure to verify the provider’s claims before subscribing.

Access To Geo-Blocked Platforms

Geographical constraints may prevent users from certain countries from trading specific altcoins on crypto platforms. While this varies by platform, utilizing a VPN to conceal one’s IP address allows for uninterrupted trading by masking location data from the platform.

When selecting a VPN extension, consider the country of origin and operation. Most leading VPN providers are based in countries without mass surveillance programs. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when choosing a provider from countries such as the US, Canada, or the UK, which possess robust surveillance programs. These providers may be obligated to disclose your data if requested by surveillance agencies.

It is important to note that utilizing a VPN can impede your internet connection speed, which is particularly undesirable when engaging in cryptocurrency trading. Luckily, split tunneling offers a solution. This feature allows certain types of traffic to bypass the VPN tunnel, permitting the use of VPN extension solely for data encryption during crypto transactions. The connection will remain secure and seamless by reducing the amount of data the server needs to encrypt.

Final Words

Using a VPN is crucial, particularly when dealing with cryptocurrency trading, which is vulnerable to security and privacy risks. Take additional protection measures to safeguard your IP address, shield against malware and phishing attempts, and enjoy unrestricted access to global platforms. Should you find it challenging to select a suitable tool, you may wish to try respected software with VPN servers located all across the globe. Choose wisely and utilize a solution that reinforces your security and prevents theft of your data, including by your ISP.

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