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Nasdaq Trading Hours & Basics: How to Trade the Nasdaq 100

NEW YORK CITY - JAN 2: Times Square, New York street night life January 2, 2008, New York City. New York City, which is the largest and most populous city in the United States.

Anyone who is looking to find ways to use their money to make money has probably heard about the stock market. There are lots of different stock market exchanges to choose from. While the New York Stock Exchange is one of the most popular, another option is the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The NASDAQ is a global electronic marketplace where investors are able to buy and sell different types of securities. In 1971, the NASDAQ Market was created by the National Association of Securities Dealers. The purpose of the NASDAQ is to enable investors to trade Securities using a fast, transparent, and computerized system. Also referred to as the NASDAQ Composite, this is an index that contains more than 3,000 stocks that are listed on the exchange. Some of the biggest companies in the world, including some from Hong Kong, are traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. A few of the biggest examples include Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Oracle. For this reason, anyone who would like to learn more about this stock market and the exchange should keep a few key points in mind.

NASDAQ Trading Hours: An Overview of Regular and Extended Hours Trading

When it comes to trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange,  it is important to know the market hours of the exchange. Like most other stock exchanges in the local area, the NASDAQ is open for six and a half hours per day. Regular trading hours takes place from 9:30 a.m. to 4 pm. There are also extended hours available as well. The extended hours trading takes place before and after the hours listed above. Pre-market extended hours take place from 4 a.m. to 9:30 am even though most pre market trading takes place closer to 9:30. After market hours trading takes place from 4 p.m. to 8 pm. This is a great opportunity for traders to buy or sell that last stock during an extended hours trading opportunity. In this manner, the NASDAQ provides added stock trading flexibility using additional hours trading sessions.

Even though most people are only able to place orders during normal trading hours or regular hours, there are also ways  for people to get approved to execute stock trading outside of regular hours. Those who are interested in swapping stocks outside of regular trading should speak to a professional about lengthening their trading day. Next, it is important for everyone to learn the different stock market order types of taking place on the NASDAQ.

The Types of Stock Market Orders Placed on the NASDAQ Composite

In general, when it comes to the NASDAQ exchange, there are two major types of orders that all traders and investors should keep in mind. They are referred to as a market order and a limit order.

Market Order

The most common type of order is the market order. In the eyes of most people, a market order is the most basic type of trade that could be executed. This is an order to either buy or sell a stock immediately and at the current price. If someone takes a look at the ticker symbol of one of the companies on the NASDAQ and likes the price, then he or she could place a market order to buy it immediately. In general, when people place an order for a stock, they are going to purchase that stock at or near the posted asking price. On the other hand, if someone is getting ready to sell a stock, then he or she is going to receive a price at or near the bid that has recently been posted.

It is important to note that the most recently traded price is not necessarily the price at which the market order is going to be carried out. While it is fast, if the market is particularly volatile, then the price at which the order is filled, or executed, could deviate from the most recently seen price. Therefore, market orders do not necessarily guarantee a price, but they do make sure that the order is carried out as quickly as possible.

On the whole, market orders are popular among individual investors who are trying to buy or sell a stock without experiencing any delays. The good news is that the NASDAQ is traded electronically, ensuring that orders are carried out as quickly as possible, even on Friday. The biggest advantage of trading using a market order is that the trade is guaranteed to be filled quickly. Even though the investor might not know the exact price at which the stock is going to be purchased or jettisons, market orders that are likely to trade tens of thousands of shares per day are going to receive prices that are very close to the post a bid or ask.

Limit Order

The other big category of order that someone might place on a NASDAQ is referred to as a limit order. Also called a pending order, this allows investors to place orders that are carried out at specified prices in the future. This order is not going to be carried out until the price of the stock reaches a specified level. If the price is not reached, then a limit order could end up expiring.

There are four different types of them at orders that someone might like. These include:

  • Buy Limit: A buy limit order is placed to purchase a security at or below a specified price. This means that the order is placed below the current bid of that specific stock. If a stock falls to that price, the order is carried out.
  • Sell Limit: A sell limit order is placed to sell a certain stock at or above a specified price. In order for this trade to be carried out, the order has to be placed above the current posted price. 
  • Buy Stop: This is an order that is placed to purchase a certain stock above the currently posted price. This stop order is only going to be placed once a certain price has been reached, also known as the stop level. 
  • Sell Stop: A sell stop order is an order to sell a stock at a price that is below the current price of the stock. This order is only going to become active once the specified stop level has been attained.

This is a brief overview of the various orders that someone might be able to place on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. It is important to think about these orders carefully when deciding when to carry them out.

The NASDAQ Stock Exchange as an Investment Vehicle

Overall, the NASDAQ is a large stock exchange that has thousands of investment opportunities for investors. It is a good idea for investors to become familiar with the stocks that are traded on this stock exchange, as it is one of the biggest exchanges in the world. Those who are able to plan their Investments carefully have the opportunity to generate significant returns using the stock market.


Read Everything that People Have to Say About Homelister


Up until recently, it was nearly impossible to list your home online without needing a real estate agent to help.

But thanks to the Homelister platform, anyone—including you—can list your home online with ease and eliminate the need to use and pay a realtor. This is excellent news as it means that you will get to keep more of the house sale profit and walk away with even more money at the end of the day!

Homelister was born out of the co-founder’s frustration in just how much money her real estate agent made from her Tribeca home’s sale. The process made her determined to find a way for people to list their homes themselves and not have to write a massive six-figure check to someone that did only a few hours of work.

And now, the homelister reviews all agree that selling your home online independently is the best decision they ever made!

Reviews are often the best way to get a sense of what your experience will be like. However, if you or someone you know is considering selling their home, we encourage you to consider doing it yourself. So read everything that people have to say about Homelister and consider if this is the right platform for you to use!

1. A simple platform with simple steps

In this day in age, a user experience is a make it or break it scenario for customers. And Homelister’s user experience is nothing short of simple! In fact, they break it down into three easy steps for their customers to follow. First, they decide what type of listing package they want to purchase, with the hard costs shown upfront. Then, they list their home and manage any open home requests. Finally, they evaluate the offers and make the house sale real by signing off the legal paperwork. Three steps, and you’ve successfully sold your home! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

2. Endless options that tailor to you

Each customer will have different wants and needs. Homelister acknowledges that and makes an effort to ensure that every customer can choose what they need. Whether it is the details of their listing package, the amount of support they get, and marketing materials to support the sale, each customer on the platform will have a truly unique experience in selling their home. But one thing nearly all customers have in common at the end of the process is that they will have successfully sold their home and be walking away with more money than they would have had they gone through a real estate agent instead.

3. Easy tour options

In the past, trying to organize open home tours felt like a nightmare. But users of Homelister all agree that the flexibility of hosting virtual open home tours, in-person tours, or none at all has been highly beneficial and huge stress relief. Many users love the virtual tour option as it enables them to organize tours with interested buyers much easier and can better accommodate busy schedules. Plus, being in a pandemic has made it much easier to manage without risking anyone’s health or wellbeing.

4. Quality photography packages

Another consistent comment that customers give on Homelister is that the photography packages are outstanding. These images on your listing are the first impression most buyers will have of your home and can be a make it or break it deal. So you want to be confident that you are showcasing your home through high-quality imagery. Luckily, Homelister provides exceptional photography services as part of their listing packages, and users are consistently impressed with the results!

5. More money and a sold home

This one is probably the most crucial factor to consider when assessing other users’ reviews. Homelister has a very high success rate for helping users sell homes quickly, efficiently, and for a profit! However, because users don’t have to pay until after the house sale is made, and the cost is set up front in the first step of the whole process, many users end up walking away with thousands of more dollars than they initially expected. This is important and one of the fundamental reasons why the company began in the first place.

These five reviews are essential to consider when assessing if Homelister is suitable for you. But with so many satisfied customers who end the experience with more money and less stress, why wouldn’t you decide to list your home on this innovative platform too?

What is a DBT Cloud? Learn Everything You Need to Know


Data has become the valuable source of the modern gold rush, becoming as valuable as that precious yellow metal. Therefore, organizing the ever-growing extensive collection of data that businesses have at their disposal and making it accessible have become top priorities.

This is where the dbt (data build tool) comes into play to make transforming data quicker and simpler.

With more data engineers needed in the marketplace and organizations struggling to find enough time in their flooded schedules and limited resources available to get data analytics-ready, using a specialized dbt Cloud with the dbt Core tool is priceless.

Find out everything you have to understand about what dbt Cloud is and how it can help you avoid data quality problems, disjointed sources, inconsistent definitions for metrics and business attributes, duplicated efforts, and faulty information being distributed for decision making.

What is dbt (data build tool)

First of all, the data build tool, abbreviated as dbt, makes data engineering actions manageable to those with even data analyst skill levels to convert the data in the data warehouse by using simple select statements, essentially creating your total transformation procedure with code.

You can write customized business logic using SQL, put data quality testing on autopilot, implement the code, and distribute trusted data with data documentation right along with the code.

With dbt, your data analysts can operate like engineers. Anyone who knows SQL can construct production-level data pipelines, lowering the barrier to entry that used to place limitations on staffing capabilities for legacy technologies.

What is dbt Core

Now with an understanding of dbt, how does dbt Core differ? The dbt Core is the open-source software that takes a dbt project (. SQL and . yml files) as well as a command and establishes tables/views in your data warehouse.

Also, dbt Core includes a command-line interface (CLI) to enable users to execute dbt commands with a terminal program.

What is dbt Cloud

Since dbt is the data build tool for transforming data in the warehouse and dbt Core is the software for dbt projects in the warehouse, how does dbt Cloud enter into the process?

The dbt Cloud is a web-based application with an integrated development environment (IDE) that assists data teams with configuring, deploying, and version controlling dbt projects.

This hosted service offers other functionalities like viewing logs, scheduling dbt jobs, sharing documentation, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) at an additional cost.

Prerequisites to Getting Started with dbt (Data Build Tool)

Before learning the dbt data build tool, be sure to understand SQL, modeling, and Git.

SQL is the core language that dbt uses to perform transformations. Therefore, you must be proficient in using SQL SELECT statements.

Modeling is the strategy of data modeling that is important for the reusability of code, transforming data into the and structure language of the business., and optimizing your performance instead of just adopting the model of your data sources.

Git is the software used in dbt Core to track alterations in any set of files and orchestrate tasks among programmers working together to develop source code during software development. As far as Git is concerned, learn how to use Git Workflow, Git Branching, and Git in a team environment.

Mixes well with modern data stack

The Modern Data Stack continues to be more interdependent, and dbt Cloud is crucial for providing specialized workflows to increase the quality of communication between apps.

Hosted doc site

When you have a dbt Cloud account, you are given a hosted documentation site that puts the power of restricted access into your hands. In addition, you will have free viewer accounts that allow you to make all of that documentation you worked hard to establish available to your team without deployment and security worries.

The dbt comes with a built-in documentation viewer to analyze the scope of your project and the factors that it depends upon for success.

Orchestration tools

There is no need to host an orchestration tool when using dbt Cloud. It includes a feature that provides full autonomy with scheduling production refreshes at whatever cadence the business wants.

When it is all said and done, dbt Cloud provides the customization you need when working with dbt for your data warehouse. So dive right in and use dbt Cloud to help your organization curate its data for better decision-making to simplify and speed up the process of transforming data and perfecting its pipelines.

5 Interesting Side Income Ideas for Lawyers


People assume that lawyers make a lot of money, and many do, but others are looking for gigs on the side to maximize their income. Whether you want to pay off your law school debt faster or don’t want to wait long to come up with a down payment for a new home, these are great ways for lawyers to make some side income. 

Side hustles aren’t just for recent college grads or people working part-time. For example, many lawyers are jumping on the side hustle bandwagon. According to the Zapier survey, 36% of adults have a side job to increase their income, and 24% plan to adopt a side hustle shortly. 

Fortunately for lawyers, a law degree is versatile and can be helpful in many types of jobs. That may be the reason you pursued a law degree in the first place. However, you may also find that your law degree is lucrative when applied to many other professions, such as research and writing, teaching, and providing general legal services. 

Of course, it is essential to check first that you have not signed anything with your current employer that would preclude any of these side hustles. Review your contracts and check before taking on a new client. 

The following is a list of side hustles designed primarily for lawyers.

  1. Legal writing and research
  2. Teaching Law Classes
  3. Writing a Law-Related Books
  4. Freelance Legal Services
  5. Coaching for Other Lawyers

Legal writing is a good choice for a side job if you have a knack for writing. Make sure, however, that none of the work you take on conflicts with your current job commitments. For example, you can write journals in scholarly legal publications and research on a freelance basis. You might have taken some legal writing jobs at the beginning of your career. Therefore, you may find that it is an easy side hustle to write legal briefs and memos, and articles. 

You can teach law classes as part of a faculty or on an informal basis. If you did well in law school and like teaching, this can be a great job to pursue in your spare time. In addition, teaching law can give you a refreshed perspective on your profession. Finally, you can teach online or in-person and even tutor law students who need extra assistance to pass the bar exam. 

Since there is so much education required to become a lawyer, teaching and tutoring opportunities abound. You can tutor students taking pre-law courses, the LSAT, and those who are currently enrolled in law school. In addition, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Zoom has opened new doors for teachers and tutors, so you can educate students wherever they are. 

Writing law-related books is another way to put your legal knowledge to good use and make extra money. Almost everyone needs a lawyer at some point, and they are bound to have questions. Books can be an informative guide for choosing a lawyer or getting legal counsel. 

If you want a bit of fun and creativity, you can write novels and thrillers with a legal theme or true crime from a legal perspective. You could even become the next Scott Turow, a lawyer famous for his legal thrillers, such as Presumed Innocent. You may even consider writing a pilot of a Netflix series about a law firm or a treatment for a law-related movie. 

You can offer freelance legal services related to your education, experience, and availability. You can find prospective clients on UpCounsel, a kind of Upwork for lawyers, and you can even use Upwork itself. Look for other platforms that will connect you with prospective clients looking for legal advice, clarification of documents, or other legal services.

Life and career coaching are in vogue, and it seems that there is a coach for everything. You can provide coaching for other lawyers on anything from handling clients, setting up a firm, and organizing your schedule. Working at a firm can be highly competitive, and new lawyers may not find the support they need to get started. Coaches can encourage new layers and give them strategies to succeed and achieve an optimal work/life balance.  

Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work in the Real World


The digital world seems to have changed everything, but some marketing strategies still work well whether your customers make their purchases in the store or online. Some principles remain constant, such as customer loyalty, reaching where they are, and brand visibility. Incorporating a bit of the old together with the new in your marketing toolbox will prepare your business for success.

The following are time-honored marketing methods and tactics that still are effective:

  1. Newspapers and Magazines
  2. Email marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Flyers
  5. Promotional Items
  6. Signs
  7. Promotions for Existing Customers

Although many business owners in the digital age may assume print marketing, such as newspapers and magazines, is dead, marketers understand this is far from true. Print ads are ideal for high-end products since print newspaper and magazine readers tend to be more affluent. In addition, print advertising leads to greater brand recognition, and 82% of consumers surveyed said they found brands and products more reliable when advertised in newspapers and magazines they read. Companies that combined print and digital ads saw triple-digit increases in the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Email marketing may not be a hundred years old. Still, those who emphasize social media marketing may assume that email is old-fashioned and plays second fiddle to Facebook ads and organic leads from Whatsapp. However, email is still one of the most reliable ways to reach people.

It was found that people tend to be more protective of their email addresses than even their phone numbers because they regularly use Whatsapp. However, consumers will regularly have more than one email address and save one for correspondence they genuinely value. For example, in one survey, 50% of customers wanted to receive promotional emails from brands they liked. That means that if someone is willing to part with their email, they already are halfway to buying something from that company.

Content marketing also sounds very early 21st century, but it is still important in the 2020s. Websites are still important, but they aren’t places to stuff meaningless articles that provide little value apart from dragging people there because of tactical keyword placement. Today’s content marketing focuses not only on driving traffic through keywords but converting visitors to customers once they have reached the page or site.

This means creating meaningful, valuable content. A brand should tell a story and captivate visitors so they will want to stay on a site, find out more about a product or even subscribe or make a purchase. Content is not distant and formal, but personal and intriguing and should not just attract attention but garner loyalty.

Flyers sound old hat and may not be terrific for the environment, but they still seem to work for locals. Of course, there are few things more old-fashioned than hiring a kid to stand outside on a Saturday morning at the town center or a mall handing out flyers, but this tactic is an oldie but goodie. In 2021, it signals a refreshing change from the thousands of digital ads people see every day and involves live, personal contact with something they can hold in their hands.

Promotional items, such as bags with a logo, totes, cups, pens, and other graphic design, company name, and a catchphrase, like flyers, hark back to another era but still work well. We might get tired of seeing the same lanyards and coasters at large conferences, but these items are still used and noticed long after the conference is over.

There is a subliminal aspect to this kind of marketing tactic. We might not be that impressed when we see a white brand name on a blue background with an unusual graphic design, but if we see it several times, it becomes part of our consciousness and we may become curious about the product. An old marketing rule of thumb is that it takes seven interactions with a brand before a customer purchases. Promotional items like pens and bags will take care of a few of these interactions and increase sales.

Signs are the backbone of brand awareness. Few things could be more evident than just hanging a sign indicating the product and features you want consumers to remember. Even though this is an obvious tactic, it is genuine, straightforward, and gets the message across.

Also, in a digital era, people may appreciate signs on brick and mortar stores even more. It is something that attracts their attention after they are bombarded with digital ads. Seeing a sign in an actual store close to where they live can pique their interest not despite, but because of, the digital age–physical stores and real signs become special.

Sign spinners are cheap and can also be eyecatching. However, hiring a school kid to spin a sign for a few hours outside your store may charm visitors. It will undoubtedly attract attention may guide customers to your store.

Promotions for Existing Customers are essential for running a hardware store in the middle of a town center or a massive online eCommerce company. A repeat customer has a 60% to 70% greater chance of purchasing than a first-time customer. Therefore it is important to engage your customers as much as possible through newsletters and providing them with special promotions. Rewarding customer loyalty is a marketing tactic that will never go out of style.

Marketing That Stands the Test of Time

Marketing trends may come and go, but certain things will never go out of style. Sometimes the more old-fashioned certain things become, such as flyers or print ads, the more unique they seem and lends a certain nostalgia and sense of classiness to a brand. Making sure your brand gets noticed, reaching out to customers where they are and where they make purchases, and rewarding brand loyalty are key elements to a successful marketing campaign.

Business Ideas You Can Start from Your Apartment


During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were either out of work or working at home. Those who were accustomed to working in an office got a taste of completing their workday tasks in their pajamas. It may be not so surprising that many of these people did not want to venture back into the office

According to Pew Research, of those people who were working at home due to the pandemic, 60% said they wanted to continue working from home, and many people are doing just that. Not all companies agree to this, which is leading people to make a career change in favor of something they can do at home or to start their own business. 

The following are some ideas of businesses that can be run from home, even a small apartment. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Teach Online Classes
  3. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
  4. Dropshipping Store
  5. Sell Handmade Objects
  6. Freelance Writing and Editing
  7. SEO Consultant
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Cleaning and Home Repair
  10. Personal Trainer/Coach

Affiliate marketing is kind of like marketing, but it is focused on one particular client. The company pays commission to someone who does not seem associated with the company to promote their products and services. The appeal of affiliate marketing for companies is that affiliates provide an appearance of the “average joe” who is a fan of their brand or products. Affiliate marketers get a percentage of all of the sales they are responsible for as a result of their marketing efforts. 

Teach Online Classes is ideal for those who like to teach but don’t like to deal with classroom issues or have specialized knowledge that may not find its way into formal curricula. Whether it is an art or craft, how to repair things or if you want to tutor algebra, Zoom has changed the face of education and more people are open to online learning. 

Pet sitting and dog walking may require you to venture out of your home office, but you can certainly take calls, make a schedule and handle your finances from there. If you love animals and have a large number of local contacts, you can walk dogs while people are at work and feed and cuddle cats when they are away on vacation. 

Dropshipping has some of the benefits of eCommerce without the drawbacks. It means opening up an online store without having to deal directly with any inventory. Basically, you develop a brand or a store, advertise products, and when customers make purchases, you order a shipper to send them the items. Dropshipping means dealing with a reliable shipper, but there is relatively no overhead, no merchandise you need to deal with directly and you can run your store from your bedroom. 

You can sell handmade objects such as jewelry, vases, art, and quilts on a website or through platforms such as Etsy. There is no need to go it alone, but you can get together with friends, pool your efforts, make your own merchandise, and split the profits. 

Freelance writing and editing may be competitive but many people earn a living this way. There are certainly a lot of writers and editors out there, but there is also a healthy demand for content, proofreading, and ghostwriting services. You will have to show samples and clippings to get some jobs, but once you get your first client, you can build up your samples to get more work. 

An SEO Consultant is becoming a necessity for every business. With the huge number of websites and social media pages, it can be hard for businesses to reach out to customers. Keywords from web searches are still quite effective in bringing traffic to websites and pages. Not every company needs or wants to hire a full-time in-house SEO person, so they often outsource these tasks. 

Taking a course in SEO, getting work experience researching SEO, and recommending strategies can be lucrative careers. If you are also a gifted content writer, you can combine these skills for a solid profession and steady at-home work. 

A Virtual Assistant allows you to have an office type of job without leaving your home. In the lockdowns during the COVID-19 crisis, many administrative assistants got a taste of what it was like to work as a virtual assistant. While many returned to the office, some have not and have decided instead to offer their services as virtual assistants.

This involves many of the types of duties that would be done in the office, such as handling correspondence and communication, drafting emails, and updating spreadsheets, but they are done remotely. People who are accustomed to running a business from home may naturally prefer a virtual assistant rather than have someone working at their elbow. This is particularly true if the boss likes to work in her pajamas too. 

If you are good at cleaning and home repair why not offer your services to those who live in your city? Like many people who start out working for themselves in this industry, you can also expand and sit behind the desk while you send qualified cleaners and repair people to work on behalf of your company. Just make sure that you understand how to stay safe with this type of business and avoid legal and tax issues.

There is a personal trainer/Coach for virtually everyone nowadays, from getting in shape to self-improvement, parenting, and more. If you have credentials, skill,s and experience in a certain area, you can hone these skills and the knack for teaching and motivating people and create a coaching business. You can offer sessions by Zoom or in-person or a combination of both. 

This is just a brief list of home business ideas. It is estimated that 26% of the US population will be working at home through 2021, and surprisingly to many employers, productivity can be higher with at-home work. Now is the time to start your own business from your apartment and earn a living without having to leave the house.

4 Tips to Help You Start Your Online T-shirt Business


Basic t-shirts aren’t just something that you wear. These kinds of t-shirts are a great way to showcase your interests and personality. If you add fun designs on them, they sure do make a statement. This is why selling these types of t-shirts has become a profitable online business for many young entrepreneurs. You’d be surprised to find that the global market of this industry is expected to increase by a staggering $10 billion by the year 2025. If you have been thinking of starting an online business selling all kinds of t-shirts, then you should keep on reading to find out how you can make it a success story.

You Should Choose a Niche

If you’re working with a tight budget, having a niche when you start with your business should help you to make your business stand out. Moreover, it should ensure that you attract the right target audience. The thing is that a lot of people talk about having a niche, yet they don’t understand why it’s a crucial consideration to make when you’re starting a business. In any case, you don’t want to start a business that relies on broad categories if you want it to have an impact. It’s best if you focus on a specific category that you can use to sell to your desired target audience.

The following are some of the ways that you can use to find and evaluate a niche market for your business.

  • Assess the engagement around your category.
  • Use social media to gain a better insight into the size of your chosen niche.
  • Use search engines to find popular searches under your category for more inspiration.
  • Don’t forget to consider your interests alongside your audience.

Use Quality Materials

You don’t want to make the mistake of skimping over quality just because you’re selling basic t-shirts. If you want your brand to succeed, you should remember that quality remains a high priority. This means that the materials that you choose should be carefully sourced. Moreover, you should also ensure that your printing process can affect the quality of your t-shirts.

At the end of the day, the quality that you offer is a significant factor that contributes to your brand awareness. The quality of your t-shirts is dependent upon various elements. For instance, the fit, material, sizing, and softness are all the things that you should consider. This is why it’s always a great idea for you to get samples for your fabric supplier before you commit to anything.

Be Creative With the Designs

If you’re serious about grabbing the attention of any passersby with your t-shirts, you should think carefully about your designs. Creating a fast-selling design is easier once you have a niche that you’re focused on. Yet, hiring a graphic designer to create unique designs is the best way to make something that will turn heads. The good news is that there are various platforms that you can use to find a graphic designer to help you with this seemingly challenging part.

Set Up Your Store

Finally, now that you’ve done all the important things, you should be ready to set up your store. Before you do, you should ensure that you’ve put up mock images of your designs. This should help you to evaluate your potential audience engagement. By now you should’ve gotten through all the important considerations to get your store up and running. For example, your quality assurance shouldn’t be something that you should worry about days before you launch your store.

How to Implement E-Mail Marketing to Grow Your Local Business


Although email has been around a long time, it is still one of the best ways to market your products and grow your small business. We may spend as much time texting as sending emails, but people still pay attention to the emails they receive. Email marketing is here to stay and is cheap, and does not require advanced tech knowledge to implement.

Marketers still emphasize the importance of email marketing. Around 78% of marketers reported increases in conversions for email marketing campaigns.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

There are many advantages email marketing has over other methods. The benefits include:

  • Low Cost
  • Customizable
  • Reaching an Attentive Audience
  • Drives Traffic
  • Increases Conversions
  • Easy to Measure
  • User-Friendly

There is no need to buy social media ads or spend a lot of money on marketing with an email strategy. You just need to know how to write engaging emails, get to know your ideal customer, and create appealing funnels and incentives to increase engagement.

Email strategies are customizable. You can personalize your approach by segmenting your audience to specific needs, age groups, interests. Create different emails that will appeal to unique personas among your customer base. When marketing campaigns are customizable, they are more likely to appeal to customers and create conversions.

Email readers are already engaged to some extent. Once they have opened an email and are reading the content they are likely to click on links and visit your website. This is the way email marketing drives traffic and increases conversions in the form of symptoms and sales.

Email marketing does not require specialized technical knowledge and is user-friendly. There are many techniques to learn, including crafting emails and customizing strategies, but there is no need to be a tech whiz to master email marketing strategies.

Ways Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business

There are many ways your small business can grow with a solid email marketing strategy. Some of the advantages include:

  1. Promoting new products
  2. Building customer loyalty
  3. Generate traffic
  4. Build relationships with existing customers
  5. Inform the customers
  6. Segment audience

Emails allow you to go in-depth about your products. The text of an email can provide information about your service or product that you can’t convey through a social media post or an advertisement.

If you create a compelling email strategy, you can increase engagement, which develops customer loyalty, traffic, and conversions. Make emails something that your recipients look forward to. This means getting creative and writing relatable emails that entertain and provide valuable information.

Effective linking is essential in these emails because it can encourage readers to click and visit your site. The information you provide in the text of the emails can encourage conversions because it can give them a reason to buy what you are selling or subscribe to your service.

Unlike other types of advertising, email marketing builds an ongoing relationship with your customers. It is estimated that 65% to 70% of your customers are repeat customers. Therefore, sustaining those relationships with loyal customers through regular emails is key to encouraging additional purchases.

Keep in Touch with Your Best Customers with Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most reliable forms of marketing. Of course, it is important not to spam people, but 51% of consumers said they would like regular emails from their favorite brands. Building a community around your brand is a great way to generate more sales, and an email marketing strategy is one of the most effective and low-cost ways to start.

7 Most Common Causes of Bankruptcy in America


Bankruptcy is something most people want to avoid unless, of course, in deep debt, insolvency and bankruptcy are the only way to be released from the constant financial strain. The number of bankruptcies has increased steadily since the 1980s, and as of 2020, 522,808 people in the United States filed for bankruptcy. Of these, 97% are individuals, and only 3% are businesses.

Bankruptcy is a complex process, but it can be the best option for those who cannot pay their mounting bills. Once bankruptcy is filed, creditors are required to leave the debtor alone. The debtors will be given a reasonable repayment plan, and many of the debts can be forgiven. In addition, bankruptcy can enable people to retain their assets, including their homes, and eventually recover their credit.

The following are the top seven reasons people in the United States go bankrupt:

  1. Healthcare Costs
  2. Divorce
  3. Pay Cuts and Lay Offs
  4. Student Debt
  5. Spending Too Much
  6. Over-Reliance on Credit Cards
  7. Emergencies

One sad fact about bankruptcy is that medical expenses cause 62% of all bankruptcies. Soaring medical costs and medication for less common yet severe ailments can lead to people filing for bankruptcy. This is unfortunate because many of these conditions are not the fault of people struggling to secure life-saving medication. This statistic is yet another reason healthcare is such a hotly debated topic in US politics.

Divorce can create substantial instability in family structure and our emotional lives and can take its toll on both parties in the divorce. Women often make less money than men, and when their marriage dissolves, they may find that they have to find ways to increase their income while shouldering much of the childcare burden.

Although many women do receive child support, it may not cover their expenses. On the other hand, many men are expected to pay extremely high child support levels, even from spouses who can work. These men may find they cannot pay high child support payments while maintaining an apartment that is large enough to accommodate children when they come for visitation. Either of these scenarios can lead to bankruptcy.

Many companies want to cut costs and may do so by slashing wages or downsizing their workforce. In addition, the increasing instability of careers in the United States makes more workers vulnerable to debt. Workers who don’t have time for a side hustle or an additional part-time job may end up in debt.

It is estimated that 62% of college graduates have significant amounts of debt. Therefore, starting life in debt can lead to more debt. In addition, this situation can get young adults accustomed to debt as a way of life.

Although spending too much seems to be an apparent cause of bankruptcy, the fact is that excessive spending is the cause of only 5% of bankruptcies. Most people do not go bankrupt because of intentional extravagance, but usually from life circumstances.

US consumers rely on credit cards for a large proportion of transactions. It is easy to lose track of how much money is being spent on a credit card. In addition, credit cards can make indebtedness a habit. Many credit card companies provide big loans with extremely high rates of interest. This can get consumers started on the road to bankruptcy.

Finally, emergencies are a significant cause of bankruptcies. For example, the COVID-19 crisis caused many consumers to experience financial problems. Lockdowns led to work stoppages, job losses, and the shuttering of small businesses. Similar emergencies can cause massive debt, which ultimately drives people to file bankruptcy.

Contrary to widespread belief, bankruptcy is often not the result of shopping addictions, overindulgence, or a lack of concern about indebtedness. Instead, medical expenses, emergencies, divorce, and other life events can lead to bankruptcy. Understanding that bankruptcy can happen to virtually anyone should help people take steps to prevent it.

5 Tech Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore as a Business Owner


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to shift, which has created and demanded new opportunities and technological advances. The US tech market has fared well despite the pandemic, where it remains the largest tech market in the world and represents 32% of the total market. This amounts to it being valued at approximately $1.7 trillion for 2020. 

Some of these technological trends have been in development for years, while some have been the product of the pandemic. This article will explore five tech trends for entrepreneurs looking to form businesses in the tech field and for business owners who already have well-established businesses looking to expand and take advantage of new trends. 

AI incorporation

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new concept, it is still an important trend. AI is ever-changing as it is still in its developing stages, and is projected to grow into a $190 billion industry by 2025 while creating 9% of new US jobs. Already known for its dominance in image and speech recognition, navigation apps, smartphone personal assistants, and ride-sharing apps, AI has become the focus for almost 50% of startup applications. Recent trends show that AI is becoming part of household technology and many other products, services, and offerings. According to MassChallenge, AI will drive the meaningful next wave of disruption similar to software. This advancement has offered business owners the opportunity to take advantage of the range of benefits. This has also provided the opportunity for entrepreneurs to improve on current technology and solve issues in development, programming, testing, support, and maintenance to compete with competitors. Some entrepreneurs may want to venture alone and form a sole proprietorship, while others wish to join forces and create a general partnership. Entrepreneurs can use the information provided by Incorporation Rocket and click here to find out about business formation options.

e-Commerce Personalization

e-Commerce personalization is likely to become an e-Commerce standard seeing that customer expectations constantly rise. The key to successful personalization is customer satisfaction. A personalized customer experience allows an excellent shopping experience with the ability for business owners to connect with their customers more. According to figures produced by Deloitte, Evergage, and BCG, have given marketers the realization that businesses that do not offer personalization will lose revenue and loyalty. For businesses to thrive, they need a supportive client base. By showing clients that the business cares about them, they would be able to achieve this. 

VR and AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) operate where VR immerses the user in a specific environment while AR enhances it. Globally, the VR and AR market is expected to be worth $209.2 billion by 2022. This growth would only offer more opportunities to businesses in tech fields. This technology, which has been dominating the gaming industry, has started being used for training purposes. VirtualShip, which is a simulation software used to train U.S. Navy, Army and Coast Guard ship captains, have used VR and AR. This trend is expected to be integrated into more than just gaming and training, eventually affecting general life. VR and AR has potential to be incorporated in entertainment, education, marketing, and even injury rehabilitation. 


The need for higher speed internet and well-connected homes has been the driving force behind the advancement of 5G, regardless of the conspiracies around it and its ‘connections’ to COVID-19. 5G is expected to be used in factories, HD cameras that help improve safety and traffic management, smart grid control and smart retail. Companies like Verizon have announced the expansion of their 5G network in late 2021 and Ericsson, in China, has been rapidly deploying 5G. The expansion of 5G has been an opportunity for businesses to use it within their services. A startup called Movandi has been focused to help 5G transfer data at larger distances. A startup named Nido Robotics uses 5G networks to assist drones to successfully navigate and explore the seafloor. 


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to automate business processes. Examples of these processes are the interpretation of applications, processing transactions, and data handling. The use of RPA uses automation to take care of repetitive tasks that people have had to do. The use of RPA has been questioned, seeing that Forrester Research has estimated that the use of RPA would threaten the jobs of 230 million people, which is roughly 9% of the global workforce. But McKinsey has found that less than 5% of jobs are able to be fully automated. But despite the fact that it may threaten jobs, it also offers opportunities for new jobs. Examples of these new jobs would be developers, project managers, business analysts, solution architects, and consultants. 

The Takeaway

Many of these mentioned tech trends have grown throughout 2021 and are continuing to do so. For many businesses,using AI, e-Commerce personalization, VR and AR, 5G or RPA  offers a huge opportunity to launch themselves into success.

Eliminating Outstanding Debt: 4 Ways to Eat Away At Your Debt and Jump-start Your Savings


We all have some form of debt that likes to haunt us from time to time. Whether it is an outstanding credit card debt that is a steady reminder on your credit report or outstanding bills that have gone unpaid, getting this debt removed is critical to your financial health. Here are four ways to work towards paying down that debt over the next couple of years and jump-starting your savings.

1. Create A Passive Income

The best way to work towards paying down debt is to supplement your income with passive income. Of course, not all income is equal, and there is the passive income option that will give you an income that doesn’t take up any of your time while supplementing your bank account each month. Passive income requires you to often invest a little bit of funding into stocks or real estate, but your money will start to work for you.

2. Strategize Which Accounts Are Paid First

If you have lingering debt, chances are there is more than one account, and it is best to tackle this debt one account at a time. While you need to maintain minimum payments on your debt, make sure you put the additional funds towards the smaller amounts first to pay them off quicker. If all of your accounts have similar balances, shift your attention to the highest interest rates, targeting them first. This will reduce the overall amount that you pay in interest. Once they have been eliminated, you can move forward to the next account, continuing that trend until the debt is gone. Your credit report will thank you for this method.

3. Consolidation Is Your Friend

You could qualify for a debt consolidation loan if your credit is still relatively good despite the outstanding debt. This allows you to take advantage of bringing all your debt together under one loan and making one single payment each month until the debt is paid. You can use this loan to pay off your credit card debt from multiple cards. A bonus is that all of your credit will go back on your credit cards, boosting your credit score and making repayment easy with it being in one place.

4. Develop A Monthly Budget

You generated the outstanding debt in the first place because your budget was non-existent or not appropriately made. As you pay down your debt, you mustn’t go back and replenish that debt, restarting the cycle. Create a budget that allows you to cover your expenses and apply a portion of your income to this outstanding debt. Remember that any supplemental income you are generating should also be applied directly to this debt. Once you have paid the debt in full, you can start applying additional funds to your savings so that you can build it up for financial stability.

Patience Is Key

Eliminating the unwanted debt over time is not something that happens overnight. There is a level of discipline and patience required to eliminate this debt and generate healthy savings after. In addition, taking advantage of multiple streams of income, such as passive income options, can give you more room to meet your goals and hopefully meet them faster. By combining all of these different tips, you could be debt-free much sooner than you think.