7 Benefits of Weed Delivery

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By Jacob Maslow

Weed delivery is giving the San Diego dispensary community a run for its money! In every community that allows weed delivery, these services are becoming increasingly popular among recreational cannabis users.

Weed delivery isn’t available everywhere, certainly not in states where laws restrict recreational use. Still, even those that allow the sale of marijuana to consumers 21 and up, there are restrictions around how it can be sold and advertised. A select few states that legalized recreational cannabis allows delivery, but a good handful do not. This could change in coming years, but shoppers in Nevada, Oregon, California, and San Diego dispensaries will enjoy the many benefits of cannabis delivery. 

1. Convenience 

The biggest and best benefit of using a cannabis delivery service is convenience. No matter how close the store is, no one wants to run another errand if they don’t have to. Delivery allows you to stay where you are, prioritize other tasks around the house, and run errands instead. Delivery costs a little more, but most find they are willing to eat that cost for the added convenience of getting cannabis delivered directly to their doorstep. 

2. Accessibility 

This convenience also provides access to medicine for disabled and immunocompromised citizens who face serious risks in public spaces or cannot access them. In states that do not have this option, this is a problem for patients who need to access medication but can’t as easily. Delivery services greatly benefit the disabled population by giving them easy access to cannabis. 

3. Quality 

The quality of delivery services is directly on par with dispensary products, and all of the same ones should be available! Whether you tend to gravitate towards edibles, vapes, or traditional flowers, you’ll have the same top-shelf options that you would have in any store. With the convenience and quality, it’s hard to beat a great cannabis delivery service. 

4. Variety 

In states with cannabis delivery, there are usually various services to choose from that typically offer first-time customer deals in the form of discounts, free products or credits. This makes it a fun adventure to try out different services and see which one you like better. One may have better daily deals or faster service. It just depends on where you live and which one better services your area. 

5. Discretion 

Delivery makes cannabis purchases private, which may be necessary for certain individuals or a personal preference. Cannabis consumption can still hold some stigmas and while it may be legal on certain state levels, individuals may want the option to keep these purchases more discreet and private. This takes the risk of potentially being seen going in and out of a dispensary or just making the person feel safer with the process in general. 

6. Explore New Products 

Dispensaries might have a lot of products, but with every new service or distributor, there’s the potential to find and explore new products. Maybe there is a fun soda or edible product that you haven’t seen before available on delivery services. There’s only one way to find out! Trying new services is a great way to discover new products and have even more fun with your cannabis shopping experience. 

7. Shop Local 

Because delivery services operate on the state level, there are usually many local options. Local distributors will likely work with local growers and cannabis producers to ensure you’re supporting local businesses rather than corporate interests. It’s usually a good idea to look into who the investors are in certain companies, which can also tell you a lot about whether you’re shopping at a local business or not. 


When discussing dispensaries versus delivery services, it all comes down to convenience. For those within states that allow delivery and live in an area where service is widely available, it can be an excellent option for those who don’t feel comfortable going into a store or those who cannot access physical stores due to disability. Additionally, there are many high-quality options and various services to explore to benefit from first-time patient deals and daily discounts on your favorite products. Delivery services will likely have a wide range of local products, so you can be sure you’re supporting small-time farmers rather than big corporations getting in on the cannabis business.


Is cannabis delivery legal?

Yes, in some states. Cannabis delivery is currently allowed in some states with medical and recreational programs. It’s essential to check the laws of your state before using a cannabis delivery service, as it may be illegal or require additional paperwork.

How do I get my products delivered?

In most states, you’ll need first to be a registered service customer and then place an order online. The product will then be delivered to your address or a designated pick-up location.

Is cannabis delivery safe?

Yes, in general. Most services require customers to provide identification and proof of age before purchasing products, and the delivery process is typically highly secure. It’s still essential to be sure you are using a verified service provider with a good reputation in your area.

Are there usually discounts or deals on cannabis delivery services?

Yes, many services offer first-time customer discounts or daily specials. This makes it possible to save money while enjoying convenience and quality products.

Can I get CBD delivered too?

It depends on where you live. In states with recreational cannabis programs that allow for CBD product delivery, you may be able to purchase these items through certain services. However, check your state’s regulations before doing so, as this may not be allowed in all locations.

Do I need a medical card to get cannabis delivered?

It depends. In some states, you will need a medical card or another form of ID proving that you are over the age limit for cannabis purchases. However, purchasing and having products delivered without one may be possible in others. Be sure to check the laws in your area before making an order.​

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