4 Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate an Employee Leaving

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By Richard

Employee celebrations are crucial as they allow both the departing and remaining employees to process their emotions. Having a great party gives both sides closure, makes it easier to recruit another employee, and is a team-building exercise. The idea of cost-effectiveness is often an overlooked element by employers that are pursuing large-scale celebrations. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs without missing out on the celebration-going experience, here are four suggestions:

1. Group Gift

One way to highly acknowledge an employee for their time of service to the organization is by organizing a group gift. A group gift shows your appreciation for their contributions rather than just focusing on a one-on-one gift. It also allows each employee to take a souvenir from the company. It can be something simple like cigars, an experience gift, or a coffee table book.

This is less costly than organizing each gift individually. In addition, it all adds up when you consider the time aspect of arranging gifts, notifying employees, and the cost of day-offs from work.

2. Organize a Lunch Party

Lunch is a great way to celebrate with a smaller audience. It’s much easier to gather everyone than having to organize a full-on celebration, and it has the added benefit of being much cheaper.

Food is always a fun and welcome addition to any celebration. Whether you’re requesting to bring in your favorite burger joint or entertaining with a full spread of food, everyone will be happy and satisfied after the party. In addition, if your employee has a favorite restaurant, it might be worth considering it as the venue for your lunch.

You can use this bonus as an opportunity to reward your employees for their hard work throughout the year, and it’s not just limited to food. The idea of bringing entertainment at the party always hits employees despite their role.

3. Send a Handwritten Letter

If you want a more personal touch, send your employee an e-mail or, even better, a handwritten letter. This is still considered highly cost-effective, and it lets your employee know they’ve impacted the company. It’s also a lovely memory for both parties to bring home and hold.

This should also go in handy with a favorable recommendation letter for the employee. There is no better way to show an employer that your former employee was invaluable than a glowing recommendation letter. Any employee will appreciate this gesture, and it adds to mutual respect.

4. Use Social Media

If you want to be resourceful, use social media to organize your employee’s leaving party. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook offer ample opportunities for employers and employees to get in touch with each other.

If you have a particularly social employee, it might be worth asking them for their input to give the party an even more personal touch. Additionally, it allows them to connect with old colleagues, which many employees highlight as one of their favorite parts of the celebration process.

There are many ways to celebrate an employee’s departure; it’s all about what you want. You can make it as personal as possible and let your employee feel that they’ve been individually appreciated, or you can even make it a group activity.

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